After seeing “Always” the actual final episode of Castle season 4 (as opposed to “Undead Again” which I thought previously was the last episode), I have been going through a bit of Castle-withdrawal.  I even went so far as to read the first book the the Nikki Heat series (more on that later).

The first time I watched it, I thought 4 was a relatively weak season overall. Upon further review though I have a number of favourite episodes. The season had the feeling of setting things up. The finale though…WOW!

While many fans are focusing on Castle/Beckett (Caskett) predictions for next season, here are some of the things I would like to see resolved.

  • Is Beckett off the force? I know she quit, but I can’t see them making it permanent.
  • Resolve Beckett’s Mom’s case…please! I, for one, am really interested to see what she does when that is over. One of the rumours going around is that  the man pulling the strings behind the whole thing is Castle’s dad; that would add an interesting level.
  • Esposito and Lanie are they going to be the new Caslte/Beckett…dancing around their relationship for the next bunch of seasons?

That said, I look forward to the beginning of season 5; and what the writers/actors/directors have in store for us.

As said before, I read Heat Wave. I was pleasantly surprised. I had anticipated something resembling fan fiction and instead got a not bad piece of romantic suspense/mystery fiction. I could actually see this book having been written by the character of Rick Castle (from the show). The sense of humour, the characters and even some of the plot points are all there in first season. For non-watchers of the show there are plenty of plot twists and some hilarous dialogue to keep you interested. Overall, it is pulp fiction at its finest…perfect summer reading. I have checked out book 2, Naked Heat from the library.


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